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Montessori Training Center

of Minnesota

Saint Paul, MN

The Montessori Training Center of Minnesota (MTCM) expansion celebrates form, color, and light inviting exploration, imagination, and discovery. It reflects the Montessori methods which parallel the ways Alchemy works: interacting directly with materials, discovery, and thoughtfully prepared environments.

Conceived as a modular project, the classroom spaces were readily laid out as three distinct pods connected to the larger school. Each pod contains a foyer with locker storage, accessible restroom, kitchenette (outfitted especially for crafts and science projects) and an open classroom layout for a flexible learning environment. A Greenhouse serves as a link between previous and new structures. Decks and areas for outdoor play encourage all-season interaction with nature.

Priorities included capturing natural daylight, done with the alternating roof pitches that use clerestory windows. Finishes are low maintenance and high quality.

The three classrooms were completed in successive years: phase one in 2012, phase two in 2013, and the final modules of phase three were completed in 2014.

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