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Silver Lake Smile

New Brighton, MN

Silver Lake Smile Dental wanted a new space as bright and cheery as, well, a smile! Each area functions within a limited but related palette of color and texture. A hallway light sculpture created from multiple translucent fiberglass panels separates the treatment area from the reception area. This line of light draws visitors into the clinical treatment areas while lighting the patient and technical work areas. A gold velvet curtain drapes nearby creating a private lounge area.

In the lobby, a strong color palette, including deep browns, greens, and reds, helps to distinguish the space while panels and curtains capture or limit views. The treatment areas utilize a more subtle color palette while soft light from translucent skylights and comfortable, contemporary dental chairs work together to calm and relax patients. To create a more ‘infinite’ feeling space, Alchemy removed the suspended ceiling tiles and replaced them with an open patchwork of reed-like scrolls that are set periodically within the suspended tile grid.

In 2019, Silver Lake Smile hired Alchemy to design their new clinic building located at Palmer Drive and Silver Lake Road in New Brighton, MN. It will be completed by early 2020.

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