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Phillips Garden

Minneapolis, MN

Phillips Garden, a Minneapolis-based landscape architecture firm, is the first rooftop weeHouse. The weeHouse modules are designed as office space perched atop an adapted auto repair shop (great, thick concrete walls!), now used as meeting space and equipment storage. A four season working nursery and outdoor patio sits off to the side and back.

Two side-by-side prefabricated modules (800 SF total) include custom interior elements including translucent walls and a IKEA/custom-built hybrid reception area. A site-built stair tower links upper and lower floors with whimsey and light. Decks on two sides provide views to the gardens below.

An oxidizing paint on the “container” siding bridges the original foundation with the weeHouse. Horizontal windows are repeated at comfortable interior viewing heights and reinforce the expansive feeling that the floor-to-ceiling sliding doors also provide.

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