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barnHouse I + II

Spooner, WI

The barnHouse I elevates and simplifies the essence of the platonic house. Ambiguities of scale and material are purposefully manipulated through large windows and 4×8 Parklex siding. Outside the main shell, the stairway becomes an iconic chimney, plastered inside and out. On the second floor, the sense of openness is increased by treating the bathroom as a wooden cube inserted into the volume of the shell.

barnHouse II is an iconic reading of Barn + House. The house features a bend in the plan which reflects the character of broken-down rural “saddle” roofed barns. The first floor is an open plan and utilizes a bench wall for storage and entry definition. The third level has a “hay-loft” that looks out over a winding creek beyond.

A glass and screen porch building was added that houses a core utility section including the sauna.

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