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Bang Brewing Company

Saint Paul, MN

Bang Brewing, opened in 2013 by a husband and wife team, is the first 100% organic brewery in the Midwest. The brewery reflects their focus on sustainability and being good environmental stewards. The “prefab” grain bin saved on build costs and provided a high volume to exterior surface area ratio for energy and material conservation. Along with its palette of silo silver and salvaged wood, the brewery features a custom made insulated glass skylight, spray urethane insulation (R-28), and in-floor heat beneath the high-strength, polished concrete floors. The pavilion, added in 2017, extended the palette into an organic rain garden. Culverts provide shelter, handmade picnic tables and benches provide rest, and a carpet of gravel controls rainwater. Bang Brewing is consistently noted as a top destination for those visiting, or living in, the Twin Cities.

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