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Geoffrey Warner, AIA

Geoffrey C. Warner is the principal architect and owner of Alchemy. His formal education came from the University of Minnesota where he continues to teach and mentor.

Back in 1989, a general impatience with business-as-usual led him to quit his day job as an architect to get real, hands-on building experience. Since then, he has designed (and constructed) buildings, furnishings, lighting—even kite boards—in a wide range of materials using hand, machine, and CAD-based processes of art and industry, maximizing the impact of modest budgets through creative construction technologies.

He currently lives in the Linden Hills weeHouse with his family after years of living in eclectic, self-renovated bungalows. He leads Alchemy with a spirit of adventure, discovery, and collaboration. Each project, regardless of size or intent, is a ‘best project’ for architecture and art.

Bryan Carpenter
Senior Designer

Bryan has worked within the realms of sculpture, public art, and architecture. Formally educated at the University of Minnesota’s School of Architecture, he acquired a more hands-on education via many direct experiences and past collaborations, wearing dual caps of fabricator and designer.

Bryan’s past work includes spas, distinctive office and retail environments, and many many many residential projects, both new and renovated. At Alchemy, he uses his multifaceted experiences and influences as tools to transform places and programs into successful designs: built environments that bring enrichment to users while making a lighter environmental footprint on our planet within reasonable means.

Marcy Conrad Nutt, AIA

Always curious and resourceful, Marcy spent many a summer’s day climbing through home construction sites and abandoned farm houses as a child, exploring their spaces and structures. Today, she still loves pulling on her boots and hard hat to visit a site, being part of a collaborative team, and exploring best practices to reduce our industry’s enormous impact on our environment. She is pursuing Passive House Certification, and is a board member of Passive House Minnesota.

Marcy is a registered architect in the state of Minnesota with 20 years of experience, AIA member, a LEED Accredited Professional, has been involved with developing affordable housing in Minneapolis through local non-profit pro-bono work, and is an artist sharing studio space in the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District. Previous experience ranges from single home and multifamily urban lofts, unique retail and restaurants, offices, and a music school.

Betsy Gabler
Business Development Director

As the Business Development Director, Betsy is focused on bringing new business and collaborative projects into Alchemy while sharing news about Alchemy’s projects and special events. She received her M.S. from the University of Minnesota in Visual Communication which led to teaching and graphic design. Her career path wandered into the publishing, museum, and furniture industries—all relevant to the writing, design, and artful opportunities she pursues at Alchemy. She lives in Northeast Minneapolis, runs an Air BnB out of her home, and walks her dog Hazelnut when not volunteering with the thriving NE arts community.

Eric Winter, AIA

Eric is a graduate of the University of Minnesota’s Masters of Architecture program. His passion for collaboration comes from his background in nonprofit, educational, and religious architectural design. He brings strong digital modeling and 3D representation skills to Alchemy’s design process. He is a leader in Alchemy’s project management and communication.

Austin Watanabe

Austin started at Alchemy as an intern while studying at the University of Minnesota. He now holds a Masters in Architecture with minor degrees in Spanish Language Studies and Interdisciplinary Design.

In addition to designing wee-, barn-, and lightHouses, his work focuses on the reuse of neglected infrastructures. Decidedly anti-disciplinary, Austin’s work has been published by the Environmental Design-Research Association, the Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology, Tokyo University’s MERA Journal, Contango, and the International Conference on Robotics and Automation.

Ivan Farr

Ivan is a native of Eastern Europe and has been living throughout the United States for over two decades. His professional experience includes high-end residential and tenant improvement office design. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design from Texas A&M University and a Masters of Architecture from the Yale School of Architecture. Prior to settling in the Midwest, Ivan worked on all three coasts.

Studio photography—and especially its relation to architecture and urbanism—forms the core of his personal artistic interests. Ivan regularly photographs with film on 35mm, medium, and large formats.

Tony Adelmann
Architectural Design Intern

Originally from Minneapolis, curiosity about other cultures led Tony to pursue study and work opportunities in Copenhagen and Berlin. After working in Europe, he moved to Singapore to work as an architectural designer on projects all over Asia including private houses, residential towers, exhibition design, and restaurants. These experiences led to an understanding and sensitivity to cultural differences in design. For Tony, reflection on—and awareness of—cultural differences and similarities charges design with potential, and serves to increase a designer’s agency in a rapidly changing and connected world.

Tony is pursuing a Master of Architecture degree at the University of Minnesota.

Calvin Rauls
Architectural Design Intern

Calvin is studying Architecture at the University of Minnesota. He joins Alchemy after his family contracted to design and build the Wanderbrook Glenn weeHouse in rural Wisconsin. A previous internship with a solar design firm gave him experience around energy-use studies and options. Calvin’s aptitude for construction and his passion around sustainable design contribute to his work.

Isabel Riley
Marketing and Communications Intern

Isabel is pursuing a Communication and Journalism B.A. with a concentration in Creative Multimedia at the University of St. Thomas. She joins Alchemy to help communicate the stories behind our design work to the media and public.

Oliver Batzli
Architectural Design Intern

Oliver is pursuing his Bachelors of Design in Architecture at the University of Minnesota. His passion for, and influence from, several design fields including landscape design, furniture design, and architectural theory informs his work. He joins Alchemy after studying in Denmark, where he honed his interest in small scale architecture and simple, elegant designs.

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